About the Company, Owner & Work
I have always believed that it is a major part of the human need to do something  well  and  feel  proud.    Persue your passion, you will find happiness, fulfillment & joy there.


   What we are about is making it better, and making a difference. We are committed to meeting your needs. You look for value in the products and services that you need. We provide quality services and products. We calculate the costs against the value of the result to make an intelligent decision for the project.

   We only do quality work with attention to detail, should you need Restoration, Repair, Remodeling or New. If you are going to take the time and energy to do it, we feel that the intelligent thing is to do it properly. Thus, resulting in a valuable product.


   Owner, John Kelly, is a Renaissance man. I asked him how he got started in this business. He said, "Well, I started out as a child. My brother and I were in the rumpus room and wrestling all in fun when I threw him across the room and he went through the wall. I can still see my dad sitting in his arm chair, watching. Calmly, he said that I needed to fix the wall. He showed me how and that was the start. I made things in cub scouts, then boy scouts. I took woodworking in hight school, later worked as an apprentice in New York with a master carpenter. Not a very patient man, but he liked me because he could see my passion for his craft. He actually came to enjoy our time together for I found it quite easy to comprehend and get the job done well. Then when I came to Tampa in 1965, I had the privilege of working with several master craftsmen, fine woodworkers and artisans."

   In his accomplishments it is clear the he is driven to do the very best job possible. Quite passionate about his work, he says: "I love doing it. I feel fortunate that I have been given the talent to do it, along with being taught by masters. Passion is one thing, but without the God given ability coupled with good teachers one will surely fail. So, I feel quite lucky. It is kind of nice to go to work and have good fun, then get paid for it.  I encourage everyone who will listen to pursue their passion."

  John's work can be found around the country. Outside of Florida he has made pieces for customers in Georgia, Nantucket, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Washington State, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

   John is also a State of Florida Certified Class A General Contractor. In this arena, he has a special passion. Universal Design. He said, "Well, humans are basically lazy. I see that as a good thing. Many great things have come from this. We want it easy, or easier. Thus, tools and inventions to make it that way abound. We find ourselves in unfamiliar ground in the present time. It is kind of scary, yet kind of exciting. There are more people alive today than have ever died. With propably well over a million of them now reaching 100 years of age. My aunt is doing quite well at 102. Our needs seem to be changing daily. That is why I have been committed to using Universal Design in all my projects. It just makes sense." Read more about Universal Design in 'Safe House'.


   In our shop we can make anything that wood will allow. We make moldings & carvings (for our restoration projects) that are not available on the open market anymore. We do not and could not compete with major manufacturers. They, of course, could not stop their manufacturing to make one special piece for one special person. We do that.

  We plan from the end, we need to know what the finished product is to be used for, how it is to look and how it is to fit into it's environment. First we consider use. It must meet the needs of the customer. Second, it must be sturdy. A well designed product must meet the needs for which it was intended. The next step is to be pleasing to the eye. While many people prefer Traditional, others like Contemporary or French Provincial. The materials must match the design as well as the use. Using plywood for large areas with solid wood to protect it will allow it to last. Quality products today also include slate, marble, glass, tile, metals, and cane. Next, we consider the construction design. It is very important, poor joinery will surely fail.

   Colour is one of the most important points. The color, tone, texture and harmony are as important to the design as line and form.  The appearance of the piece in relationship to the surrounding elements must be pleasing to the eye. Natural wood is quite pleasing, but it can be enhanced or changed by the use of stains, dyes, fillers or other finishing materials. Harmonious hue's which are closely related look good. Opposite colors look good as well which are complementary. Tone is the contrast between light and dark. Texture is the way a surface feels to the touch. Harmony is achieved in the way materials as well as parts blend with each other. All this must be considered for a fine quality product.