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Craftsmanship is always in style                                                                 One of a kind, made to order fine wood furniture or  built in work of art is always the center of attention. These conversational pieces today will surely be Heirlooms. Quality work is made to last for hundreds of years. 

         Since earliest times, two of mankind's basic requirements have been shelter and furniture. We do both. 

Restoration,  Remodeling, Repair or New

John Kelly, Woodworker, Florida General Contractor
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Etched Celitc Knot / Carved Fairies: Artist: Karamee Kelly (1/4" x 24" clear glass, 5/4" x 6/4" red oak)


Karamee Shelby Kelly was born in Tampa, Florida in 1976. It seems that her raw talent was inherited from her Welch mother, a renowned artist with acrylics on canvas, and her Irish father a master craftsman woodworker & carver. As a small child her given talent was evident says her father. Cultivated over the years in many medias, she chose glass caring as her favorite. Karamee says she is doing exactly what she wants, enjoying the hands on quality of working with glass to create beautiful pieces. Her goal is to create pieces that are visually appealing and withstand the test of time. "Each piece should stand on its own, interesting, flow gracefully, something you never get tired of viewing." she says. As she speaks about her work, one can feel the obvious passion she holds. She will only take commissions that are challenging & interesting. As one examines each of her pieces they can see something mystical along with ifluences of her hertiage..

Karamee Kelly with her father
RestorationBring it back to life.
Adabeth's home with apartment for Auntie Babe, ramps, level corridors, roll in shower. See Safe House
Remodeling. Enhance your home.
Repair.                   Make it better.
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It truly is amazing that our wood products come from the combination of sun, water, earth & fiber
Adabeth, Sumo the cat, & Auntie Babe at 106 (4/5/1901)
   State of Florida Certified Class A General Contractors
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